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We Are HostSphere India

We are here to simplify vacation rentals and be a support system for the vacation rental owners. We have a suite of services designed to provide the best experience to our guests each time they stay at our homes with a lowest possible service charge with covering every aspect of their vacation. We are also focusing on training and local resources from the location the properties are situated and in a way encouraging employment of locals.

Our Mission

With a mission to deliver a personalised five-star Airbnb experience, HostSphere India goes above and beyond for every host and guest.

We put a tremendous amount of time, effort and care into managing your listing and hosting your guests because we know that when hosts create unforgettable experiences this leads to glowing 5-star reviews. This increases the demand for your property, resulting in higher occupancy rates and ultimately providing you with more income.

How it all began

Back in the year  2019, as passionate Airbnb employees we were encountering the problems with Airbnb hosts are facing in terms of support and assistance.  Since the scope of creating an additional support system was not possible, our founders quit and gave birth of HostSphere India with the goal of creating a technology driven 360 support system for our hosts. 

At the heart of everything we do is the belief that travel is a beautiful way to share culture, make connections, and build global understanding. We’re a fun mix of experienced leaders, brilliant creatives, and smart technologists, and our shared love of home and freedom inspires our collaborative spirit.



“Fast forward two years, we’re proud not just of how far HostSphere India has come, but more so, the amazing team that we’ve been privileged enough to work alongside and the many wins we’ve been able to celebrate.


But above all,


HostSphere India, has completed two years in operations, we are a strong team of 15 trying to create a problem solving solutions for unorganised travel sector. With our services being live 20 different locations, we are marching towards the next phase of our initiatives and be battle ready to make a change and be a change for our travel community”​

—  Ethan Barman, Founder


Tropical Paradise

HostSphere India Exclusives

Find Your Next Getaway

Look at our current properties online. With a growing list of options, we’re sure there’s something for you. Check through our listings to see what we are currently featuring. Your dream home is waiting.

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Our Vision

At HostSphere India, we know that your property is your most important asset. As an Airbnb management service, we are able to look after your property for you and maximise your return on investment.

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